Frequently asked questions

So, you want to get started using ClouditNow fantastic services, but you’ve got questions. And you should have questions. This is your data we are talking about. Personal stuff, business stuff, important stuff. All this stuff is important to you, so it’s important to us.Things you want to know.

ClouditNow Online Backup

Why Online Backup?
It’s not a question of “will you lose your data”—it’s “when”. Whether it’s a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or a mad panda that destroys your computer, or the more common virus, hard-drive crash, laptop left in a taxi, or coffee spill, your PC will eventually lose your photos, music, and documents.

Is ClouditNow Backup Safe?
Yes. Our servers are more secure and reliable than tapes or external hard drives. We use enterprise-grade redundant disk arrays to store your files – the same kind of servers used by banks and big corporations.

How safe is my data in the cloud?
All files stored on ClouditNow™ backup servers are encrypted with up to 448-bit military level encryption. Your data is encrypted from start to transmission to rest.

Can my data or files be accessed by anyone?
No. Your data is absolutely private. It is encrypted before it leaves your computer, then it’s sent to our servers over encrypted lines (like banks do). It remains encrypted for as long as it’s backed up with ClouditNow. No one can see it but you.

How often my data backed up?
Depending on how you configure your backup schedule. It can be everyday, or if new data is added to your computer.

How fast is the restore process?
Restore is fast and instant. Just choose the file or folder you’d like to restore, and when minutes your data is restored.

What happens if my computer crashes?
Not to worry, with ClouditNow, restoring is a breeze! Just login to the web portal from another computer and restore your files, it’s that simple.

What is backed up and why is CLOUDITNOW’s backup scheme better than OTHER online backup solutions?
With ClouditNow backup solutions, we have got you covered. What sets ClouditNow apart from our competitors is that we not only recover your flies, but we can also recover your entire computer or server system including operating system and software…

What is the calculated loss on dollars when a computer crashes?
The average cost to recover the data is between $2500- $5000* per incident. Also, the average down time for a computer when it crashes is 1-4 days. With ClouditNow backup solutions, you and your business will not be a part of this statistic. You will be able to recover all of your data period.


ClouditNow Hosted Applications

Can I access my applications from anywhere?
Certainly. You can access the Cloud Applications from a smart phone, an IPAD, Laptop, or a computer. Anywhere you have Internet access; the cloud is only at your fingertips.

Am I susceptible to viruses and malware?
No, because the virus cannot affect the applications, because they are not installed local on whatever device you are using, it’s all running from the cloud servers in our data centers.

ClouditNow File Share

Can I access my files from any device at any time with ClouditNow file Share?

Yes, you can. Once you have our software installed on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, login with your credentials and you can access your files.

Is File Share available for Android or IOS devices?

Yes, File Share can be installed on Android or IPhone/IPAD devices whether smart phone or tablet.


ClouditNow VoIP