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Phone Services Made Simple!

ClouditNow is a leader in Cloud Based Solutions. Established in 2009, ClouditNow entered the market as a pioneer in delivering Cloud Based VoIP Services. Let ClouditNow simply your phone service and cut your cost by 25%-45%.ClouditNow is the simplest way to set up a flexible, low-cost, virtual office phone service that keeps your team connected where ever your work takes you. Fire your telephone company and let ClouditNow save you money on your phone services.


Your toll free number connects your staff no matter where they are located: in the office, at home, on the road or connected at the local coffee shop.

Using call routing, we can send calls to your toll free number out to any phone, unifying your business under one number. No more giving out multiple cell or home phone numbers. Your staff can even dial out using your toll free number as Caller ID!



  1. Choose your toll free number.
  2. Create extensions and call handling rules for your staff.
  3. Direct callers to the correct extension with an audio menu.

As your business grows, easily add new numbers, extensions and phones to your “virtual office” service through your online account at anytime.Fed up with managing a clunky old telephone system and multiple vendors? ClouditNow VoIP business phone service uses the latest VoIP technology to provide for all your business phone service needs with robust features, sleek IP phones and knowledgeable support.


Cloud_extensionsEndless Extensions

Create endless “virtual” extensions for every employee, each with a separate username and password to login and manage their own inbox and extension settings.


Connect with Your Mobilefi_mobile

Place and receive calls with your mobile phone, get text notifications, listen to voicemail or simply forward calls while you are out of the office.

fi_numbersGet Additional Numbers

Add as many new phone numbers as you need when you need them. We offer local area codes, global, toll free phone numbers. Adding these number is quick and easy.


Advanced Call Routingcin_routing

Easily control how calls are handled. Route incoming calls to a single number, or different destinations based on the day, time or the Caller ID of the call received Advanced Call Routing. No matter where you are, we can route that call right to you.

cin_voicemailAdvanced Voicemail

Deliver voicemail messages to a phone, email address or a text message. Listen to voicemail messages in your online account or have them sent to your email address as a “.wav” file.


24/7/365 Customer Supportcin_365-24-7

Our US based Customer Support team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you by email, remote support, or phone. Customer Support >

cin_follow_meStandard Calling Features includes many popular calling features including Forwarding, Blocking and Screening.We can even port your current number over! Please ask our sales team to verify that your current business number can be ported!


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