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ClouditNow Backup


ClouditNowBackup has been created with the average person in mind. It provides an easy to understand interface that anyone can use. Don’t be fooled by its simple interface. ClouditNow Backup has a lot of powerful features that will securely backup your files and folders for easy recovery. ClouditNow Backup is the ‘Mean Lean Backup Machine”. The most secure backup solution with the quickest response time.ClouditNowBackup allows businesses to Backup files, folders and entire operating systems for easy recover of files, folders and full restore of Windows operating systems. Learn More



ClouditNow SaaS

saas-svcsBy using ClouditNow  as an overall Cloud Based IT management strategy, allows your company to focus its resources on the primary goal of the organization and move ahead swiftly. Learn More





ClouditNow File Share

Access you apps from any devices anywhereTake back control of your files with a personal file share from ClouditNow! Your data will be securely stored and isolated in minutes. Access and share your data from wherever you are, on whatever device. You’ll always have access to your files instantly. Learn More






ClouditNow VoIP

voip-cinLet ClouditNow simply your phone service and cut your cost by 25%-45%.ClouditNow is the simplest way to set up a flexible, low-cost, virtual office phone service that keeps your team connected where ever your work takes you. Fire your telephone company and let ClouditNow save you money on your phone services. Learn More