About Us



ClouditNowwas formed by 3 highly skilled IT engineers specializing in Cloud Technology, Secure online Backup, Disaster Recovery, and VoIP Telephony solutions. we felt that our expertise would be beneficial to the small-midsize business markets. We wanted to help give the small-midsize businesses the leverage they needed to be competitive in today’s technology world. We wanted them to have access to their data at anytime, or anywhere, while making sure that their data is always backed up, secure and protected in the cloud without having that huge IT cost or staff associated with it. We wanted the business owner to concentrate on expanding their core business without them worrying about being an IT expert, or incurring the enormous cost of owning an IT department.

ClouditNowconcept of work is unlocking applications and employees from the office-creating new ways for people to work. We live in a mobile and ever changing work environment, shouldn’t where we work from be the same? Today , is the promise of virtual computing and ClouditNow is at the epicenter.


This idea is at the heart of a virtual work style- where an employee can be as productive on the road as they are at the office. A parent with a sick child can work from home using their computer.

Employees who are free to work whereever and whenever on whatever device they choose tend to deliver great results and enjoy an effective balance between career and family.